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Policy on cookies

1. Cookies are small files, mostly text, which are stored on the hard disk of the user of web site www.taniwidlak.pl , and whose primary purpose is to identify users and is used by the software to best adapt the service settings individually for each user. These files usually contain the name of the domain from which they come, the storage time on the device until the user and assigned a value.

2. The use of cookies is necessary for the proper functioning of the site www.taniwidlak.pl. The files are used for statistical purposes, monitoring of user activity on the website www.taniwidlak.pl and in order to facilitate the use of the service.

3. Cookies used in this site do not allow identification of the user, getting his personal data or other confidential data from the user.

4. On the site www.taniwidlak.pl there are used two types of cookies:
• session cookies – these are stored on the device until the user session in the browser, and after leaving the service shall be permanently deleted;
• fixed cookies - are stored on the user's device, also after the end of the session and will remain there until user remove them.

5. Service www.taniwidlak.pl uses the services of suppliers, who can also save cookies during use of the service in order to ensure proper quality of provided services. These cookies do not allow the identification of the user, getting his personal data or other confidential data from the user.

6. The user may at any time change your Web browser settings or configuration settings for Cookies, as well as specify the conditions for their storage and access to them in the user device. User can also clear his cookies at any time. Detailed information about the options and how to handle Cookies are available in the settings of user’s Web browser.

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